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And spend them even more carefully. Think of your time this way: Assign a dollar value to each hour. Whether staff or independent, salaried or hourly, every productive person can tell you the worth of his or her time. Let's say you mow lawns for a living and can do two lawns per hour. If your fee is $15 per lawn, the hour value of your time is $30. Productive people weigh the effort required for specific activitiesand the return it will produceagainst the cost of the time based on the dollar value of their hour.

Maybe the lawn professional wants to add hedge-clipping as a service. If he can charge $20 per hedge and do four in an hour, that's an $80-an-hour return. Based on his current hourly worth of $30, it's an extremely profitable move. 8. Stay Focused As Robert Ringer (the bestselling author of Looking Out For #1) observes, successful people apply themselves to the task at hand. They work until the work gets done. Page 32 They concentrate on one or two things at a time. They don't go in a hundred different directions.

If it doesn't pay off, don't do it. For instance, my wife has a friend, Mary, who spends a lot of her time driving to different stores to hunt down the best sales. Page 39 She proudly boasts about saving $1 on paper towels or getting a product that costs $25 at the nearby mall for only $16 at a discount outlet 15 miles away. To Mary, this represents real savings and a source of pride. To me, it's a waste of time. When you factor in time spent, gas, tolls, and the wear-and-tear on Mary's car, the so-called bargain is no bargain at all.

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