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People's everchanging life result in an increasing number of specifications for the final features of homes, and the calls for for studios have marched in the direction of the mental size and cultural sphere. accordingly, there come up new layout developments and new requisites for atmosphere, fabric choice and layout suggestion. The layout initiatives during this publication lead readers to understand the relaxation and cosiness of the common area. The designers of those initiatives have created extra common, and handy dwelling areas within the so much average and purest layout languages, giving them a finished and vibrant rationalization of the structure layout idea that constructions are created for individuals.

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Store 7. Office 8. Theatre 9. Circulation 10. Pool Store Room 11. Pool 12. Steam Room 13. Sauna 14. Shower Room 15. Terrace 16. Pathway 17. Store 18. Staff Quarters 地下室平面图 1. 车道 2. 车库 3. 仓库 4. 仓库 5. 通风口 6. 商店 7. 办公室 8. 家庭影院 9. 通风口 10. 池塘边的储藏室 11. 池塘 12. 蒸汽房 13. 桑拿房 14. 淋浴房 15. 阳台 16. 通道 17. 储物间 18. 员工休息区 2 1. The furnishings in the living room are arranged around a suspending stove 2. You can admire the panorama of the lake in the living room 3. The bathroom with stainless still walls 1. 客厅的摆设围绕一个悬浮的火炉 2.

20米宽的通道两旁。两栋建筑通过地下电影院、 水疗馆、礼堂和车库相连。主建筑由圆边的立方体及组成L形居住区的三角体组成。楼上楼下双层客厅曲线 墙壁的外立面面朝湖水。客厅直通一层的厨房、餐厅、二楼的卧室、休息室与套房。可通过玻璃筒装的电 梯到达顶层。 铸造的不锈钢门和抛光不锈钢栅栏柱体现了房子优雅而不浮夸的特性。主入口位于一个坡面和石头墙的中 间。坡面形成了三角地形,在黑灰色的阿鲁克邦嵌板和玻璃装饰的映衬下,赋予房子有机的动感。车库门 和外墙采用巴榴木作为封装材料,这种木材风化后呈现出可爱的银白色。 第二栋建筑——附属建筑物从屋顶到地面都采用玻璃板和玻璃滑门装饰。车库门同样采用巴榴木条拼合而 成,并且在地上与主建筑建立与下方呼应的连接方式。 外部建筑材料主要为混凝土、玻璃及不同种类的大理石材料等。内部主要的装饰材料为不同种类的大理石 地面和景观墙、不锈钢墙包层、玻璃和用作细木工制品的核桃木。 3 1. The entrance of the basement, facing the lake of the front courtyard 2.

The overall space of the kitchen and the living room 3. The children can enjoy the sunshine while having fun 1. 客厅,以线条做装饰,使空间丰富 2. 厨房、客厅之整体空间 3. 儿童娱乐的同时也能尽享阳光 3 114~115 2 1. The living room is decorated in clean and pure colour and the light strip inserted into the wall demonstrates its true beauty 2. One part of the washbasin is extended out, which increases variations to the space 3. The staircase between the ground floor and the first floor 1. 起居空间色彩干净、纯粹,镶入墙壁的光带尽显唯美 2. 洗手台一侧延长而出,使空间增添了变化感 3.

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