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By Arthur Naiman

Incredible because it turns out, the government's model of what occurred on September eleven, 2001, cannot possibly be precise. with no accomplishing any hypothesis or conjecture, this publication proves that past a shadow of a doubt.

For instance, it lists ten infallible signs of destruction by means of explosives and 4 infallible signs of destruction through hearth. the realm alternate heart structures exhibited all ten of the previous and none of the latter. (That's now not remarkable, considering that no steel-framed construction has ever failed as a result of fire—not even the Caracas skyscraper that burned for 17+ hours, nor the Beijing high-rise engulfed in vibrant orange flames from most sensible to bottom.)

Then there is WTC 7. no longer struck through a airplane, topic to not anything greater than minor workplace fires, its forty seven tales collapsed into their very own footprint in a way indistinguishable from a managed demolition . . . which can clarify how BBC television was once capable of record it twenty-three mins sooner than it...

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Lower block without [pushing] the top block off its vertical path? “4. ”31 Even if those twelve stories somehow magically held together, they still couldn’t have generated the energy required. 32 So the energy needed to destroy the lower 92 stories would have had to come from the velocity of the upper block. It had to fall—hard—on the lower structure; a gradual buckling of columns and sagging of floors wouldn’t do the job. 33 The story for the South Tower makes even less sense. Since the impact zone of the plane was lower—the 78th to 84th floors—the top section was larger, about 26 floors.

78 One of the points sometimes made by defenders of the government’s inaction is that the authorities would have needed precise details of the operation in order to take any protective measures against it, lest such measures shut down the country (the way it was shut down after the attacks, when it did no good). There would, of course, have been resistance to extreme measures without strong evidence that an attack was imminent but, as we’ve just seen, the government had that evidence. In any case, extreme measures probably wouldn’t have been necessary.

22 There have been many other substantial fires in modern skyscrapers and not a single one has ever caused a building to collapse. Problem #4: The Twin Towers were built to withstand airliners crashing into them, widespread fires and just about anything else you can think of. ”23 The Twin Towers’ designers were well aware of the bomber that crashed into the Empire State Building. 24 That’s equivalent to the impact of the larger Boeing 767s that hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 at much lower speeds—even if they’d been fully loaded and fully fueled.

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