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By Edmond Jabès

Literature/Jewish stories, tr Rosmarie Waldrop

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Although well-conditioned personnel are capable of swimming extended distances, the maximum planning range for surface swimmers should not exceed 3,000 meters. Subsurface infiltrations should not exceed 1,500 meters (O/C) or 2,000 meters (C/C) unless diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) are used. 1-26. Once at the launch point, the detachment sinks the inflatable boat, a designated member returns the boat to the primary surface transport vessel, or the detachment caches the boat at the BLS. Chapter 9 explains launch point procedures in detail.

High seas are directly related to wind speed. The Beaufort Wind Scale is the internationally recognized guide to expected wave height and sea states under varying wind conditions (Table 2-1). When planning waterborne operations, planners should use this scale to define a particular state of wind and wave. 2-2. Without wind, weather would remain virtually unchanged. Wind is a physical manifestation of the move ment of air masses. It is the result of horizontal differences in air pressure. Air flows from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area producing winds.

CLOUDS 2-8. Clouds are the most visible manifestation of weather. Cloud formations are valuable in determining weather conditions and trends. Clouds form when the moisture in rising warm air cools and condenses. They may or may not be accompanied by precipitation. 2-9. Naming conventions for cloud types are intended to convey crucial information about the altitude and type of cloud. Different cloud types have descriptive names that depend mainly on appearance, but also on the process of formation as seen by an observer.

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