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By Donald Stokes, Lillian Stokes

With those convenient paperback reference courses, illustrated all through with black-and-white line drawings, nature watchers understand what to appear for and the way to interpret what they see. even if carried into the sphere or consulted at domestic, those books offer readers with interesting proof and insights into the habit of birds and natural world. With greater than three million copies in their books bought to this point, Donald and Lillian Stokes are more and more famous and celebrated as America's preeminent specialists on nature and birding.

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Эта детальная и прекрасно иллюстрированная книга характеризует удивительное разнообразие австралийских ночных бабочек, обобщая имеющиеся сведения о них и включая много оригинальных данных. Более one thousand из известных ten thousand австралийских ночных бабочек представлены на цветных фотографиях. Книга использует современную систематическую номенклатуру, включает информацию по распространению, кормовым растениям гусениц и удивительному поведению этих часто ярко окрашенных насекомых.

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Low-frequency infrasounds have long wavelengths. 8 mm). Low-frequency, long wavelength sounds are not This nocturnal whiskered screech-owl has heard some leaves rustle and is intently searching the ground for a potential meal. The owl preys on beetles, grasshoppers, mole crickets, and other insects. 1kg) male Eurasian capercaillie, the largest grouse in the world, is known to produce infrasounds. The capercaillie’s song consists of three audible parts: a series of clicks increasing in rapidity and loudness, a pop like a cork being pulled from a bottle, and a sound that has been described as two cats fighting, a pig squealing, or a small bird singing.

Breeding population undetermined. Field Identification: Large owl with dark eyes, pale yellow beak, and no ear tufts. Light-colored belly and chest vertically streaked with dark brown. Mainly nocturnal. Habitat: Mature deciduous woodlands and northern boreal forests. In recent decades has expanded into the old-growth temperate rain forests of the Pacific Northwest. Diet: Small mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. Life Span: Maximum 18 years in the wild. Status: Increasing, especially in the Great Lakes and northeast regions.

At first, she stropped her bill on a branch to clean off some dried blood and bits of flesh from meals she had recently fed her chicks. Then she focused on the large flight feathers of her wings and tail. Each of the feathers was delicately nibbled as she drew its length carefully through her beak. She ended by scratching her head with the sharp talons on her foot and shaking herself vigorously to reshuffle and settle her plumage. Throughout the whole time she seemed calm and relaxed. 19 ANATOMY OF AN OWL 20 OWLS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA Feathers are not living tissue.

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