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9. Let m be a σ-additive function satisfying conditions 1 and 2. Then there is a unique measure µ defined on the σ-algebra of Borel sets of the real line, which agrees with m on all the intervals, that is µ(I) = m(I) for each I ∈ I. Consider the following three examples, which illustrate how a measure can be constructed given its values on the intervals. Example. Let F (x) be a distribution function. We define m((a, b]) = F (b) − F (a), m([a, b]) = F (b) − lim F (t), t↑a m((a, b)) = lim F (t) − F (a), m([a, b)) = lim F (t) − lim F (t).

The distribution on the space of all possible functions ζs induced by the probability distribution of the Bernoulli trials is called a simple random walk, and a function ζs (ω) is called a trajectory of a simple random walk. If X is an arbitrary finite subset of real numbers, then the same construction gives an arbitrary random walk. Its trajectory consists of segments with slopes xj , 1 ≤ j ≤ r. We have ζn = n r j=1 νjn j x = n r r pj xj + j=1 ( j=1 νjn − pj )xj . 1 Law of Large Numbers and Applications 31 By the Law of Large Numbers r ( P(| j=1 νjn − pj )xj | ≥ ε) → 0 as n → ∞.

It follows from the monotonicity of fn that Cn ⊆ Cn+1 . Since fn ↑ f and f ≥ g, we have n Cn = Ω. Therefore, µ(Cn ) → µ(Ω) as n → ∞. Let χCn be the indicator function of the set Cn . Then gn = gχCn is a simple function and gn ≤ fn + ε. Therefore, by the monotonicity of Ω fn dµ, gn dµ ≤ Ω gn dµ ≤ lim fn dµ + ε, Ω Ω m→∞ fm dµ + ε. 1 Definition of the Lebesgue Integral 39 Since ε is arbitrary, we obtain Ω gn dµ ≤ limm→∞ Ω fm dµ. It remains to prove that limn→∞ Ω gn dµ = Ω gdµ. We denote by b1 , b2 , ...

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