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By Ken Ham and others

What's the top proof for a tender earth? What are presuppositions, and the way do they determine into the age of the earth debate? Haven’t scientists confirmed that the earth is outdated? What does an previous earth say in regards to the personality of God?
This Pocket consultant to top Evidences will allow you to in knowing the foundational nature of the age of the earth debate, will discover a number of courting tools that make sure a tender earth, and may express you that once you begin from biblical presuppositions, and examine the “evidence” throughout the lens of Scripture, you could come to strong conclusions that aren't simply precise to the scriptural checklist, but in addition accept as true with sound technology.

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One can, of course, do this with numerous scientific examples, showing, for example, how the issue of sin and judgment is relevant to geology and fossil evidence; how the fall of man, with the subsequent curse on creation, makes sense of the evidence of harmful mutations, violence, and death; or how the original “kinds” of animals gave rise to the wide variety of animals we see today. Choose a topic and develop it: For instance, the Bible states that God made distinct kinds of animals and plants.

Both fossils are claimed by strata dating to be 112–120 million years old but yielded radiocarbon ages of only thousands of years. Even that is too old when you realize that these ages assume that the earth’s magnetic field has always been constant. But it was stronger in the past, protecting the atmosphere from solar radiation and reducing the radiocarbon production. As a result, past creatures had much less radiocarbon in their bodies, and their deaths occurred much more recently than reported!

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