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By Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)

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I feel that it should be used more in this age; it is possible to shape it with the aid of a hacksaw and modern machines. It handles well with any machine : circular saws, drills, rasps, emery cloth, etc. Slate can, of course, be incorporated into fibreglass designs as it binds well with the resin. Slate powder of different colours can be used as a filler with polyester resins. Traditional Carving of Reliefs Working a relief is a simple matter if the following method is used : 1. Draw the design on the chosen slate with a piece of chalk using a colour that can easily be read.

To suspend this on the girder a self-lockingclamp(C) will prove very convenient. Roping up. It is necessary to learn two or three useful knots, which we cannot here satisfactorily describe. A reef knot, for example, enables untying with ease after the union has been subjected to a heavy load. The condition of ropes is very important indeed. In certain damp conditions first-class rope can rot in a matter of weeks. Four lengths at least, two of f in. diameter and two thinner, are the minimum 30 FIG.

The scales of the mermaid's tail were silverleafed. The work was fixed onto the wall by pushing 18 in. copper dowels into holes filled with cement. When I saw the figure no less than fifteen years later I was delighted with the way in which it had weathered; having been lashed with spray and wind it had turned into a grey-silver antique, with a wonderful motley of different colours harmonized by age. Wood Carvings on the Cunarders Several years later I was asked to make a series of wood carvings for the first class dining saloon on the Queen Mary.

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