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By Amadou Hampate Ba

Tierno Bokar (1875-1939), African mystic and Muslim non secular instructor, was once outstanding for the drama of his existence tale (which used to be made right into a fresh play directed by means of Peter Brook). His message of non secular tolerance and common love is profoundly very important in a global the place assorted faiths are frequently at odds with one another.

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Translated from French.
Reprint. initially released: London : Allen & Unwin, 1969.

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Asked Tierno. ” These were the last words that Tierno heard from his father’s lips. 14 Editor’s note: The “disk woven like a basket” referred to here is probably a flat, round, woven object used as a fan in some African countries. They often have figures woven into them and are hung on a wall as an object of decoration when not in use. 12 His Life While returning to the women of the family with a heavy heart, was Tierno not already thinking about what he would teach us later on, that is, that material weapons can only destroy matter but not the principle of evil itself, which always rises from the ashes stronger than ever?

By redistributing, I would violate the law. Your own hands made the choice and they alone are responsible for it. In all justice you should have chosen the second cow. It was out of respect for the name of the Prophet that you had the advantage over Inna. I cannot now begin a redistribution which would leave nothing to chance. . ” He stopped for a moment before considering the second suggestion, and we can easily imagine the furtive smile that must have crossed his lips. “If I sent you home, I would deny myself a cause of chagrin and worry.

A snarling yellow African mutt snapped at a fly that was bothering him. In a corner, a set of hoes. Laundry drying. 18 His Life A little girl, a little black tanagra,20 pounds millet and from time to time chases away two urchins with protruding bellies who come to lean on the mortar. An African courtyard, like so many that can be found under the sun, amidst the buzzing of wasps, the chirping of birds waiting in the distance for a grain of millet to be dropped. . The Hausa had received Aissata and housed her as the daughter of Seydou Hann, but being a younger cousin of the king of Bandiagara, she did not want to live on other people’s charity.

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