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Longsal Teachings: Volume 8

This 8 quantity of Teachings from the Longsal cycle comprises Upadeshas and directions obtained via goals over a time period from 1959 to 2007.
It contains:
"The most crucial aspect of the Lama Gongdü"
"The Upadesha of the whole behaviour of the equivalent state"
"The outer, internal, and mystery practices of the Guru knowledge Dakini"
"The Dream of the Mandarava Cave"

This PDF was once scanned and shared initially by way of Yuchen Namkhai with the entire love in her middle.

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But when God says seven, He means seven. If you want the reward of obedience, you had better go down seven times! The Bible says that when he went down the seventh time, the leprosy was gone. His flesh was like a baby's flesh, all over his body. Brand new flesh! Nobody laid hands on him. Nobody anointed him with oil. The prophet didn't even come out and pray for him. But when he was obedient to what the man of God told him to do, his leprosy was gone. The obedience Of faith! Obedience is better than—what?

Brother, you are looking at the wrong thing! Look here! I want to show you something else. I want to show you what God did. When you look at man, you see what the devil does. " I opened my Bible and said to him, "Now, look at this! " "Why," he said, "man, that's me! " I said, "I didn't think you had! " He read, "I will take sickness away from the midst of thee! " I said, "Here! " I turned to Psalms 103. " like he was chewing on a steak. " I said, "I didn't think so! And if you think that is good, here is another one" I opened the Bible to the book of Isaiah, chapter 53.

Listen to me, beloved! The promises that God made to His believing Church through Jesus Christ didn't die with the apostles! There may have been generations when you didn't see many of them fulfilled, but I want you to know that those same promises were in effect for your mother and dad, and for your grandpa and grandma. If they didn't receive what God promised, it wasn't because there was anything wrong with the promise. If they wouldn't accept it, that doesn't change it! The promise is still good for you today.

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