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By Frédéric Boniol, Virginie Wiels, Yamine Ait Ameur, Klaus-Dieter Schewe (eds.)

This quantity includes complaints of the Case examine song, held on the 4th foreign convention, ABZ 2014, in Toulouse, France, in June 2014. The eleven papers provided have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from a number of submissions. They use varied formal options: B, ASM, Fiacre. in addition they suggest other kinds of verification reminiscent of evidence, version checking, try new release, run-time tracking, and simulation.

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Read or Download ABZ 2014: The Landing Gear Case Study: Case Study Track, Held at the 4th International Conference on Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, TLA, VDM, and Z, Toulouse, France, June 2-6, 2014. Proceedings PDF

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2 Abstract State Machines Abstract State Machines (ASMs), whose complete presentation can be found in [9], are an extension of FSMs, where unstructured control states are replaced by states with arbitrary complex data. , domains of objects with functions and predicates defined on them. ASM states are modified by transition relations specified by “rules” describing the modification of the function interpretations from one state to the next one. There is a limited but powerful set of rule constructors that allow to express guarded actions (if-then), simultaneous parallel actions (par) or sequential actions (seq).

ICFEM 2011. LNCS, vol. 6991, pp. 437–455. Springer, Heidelberg (2011) 11. : Complementary methodologies for developing hybrid systems with Event-B. , Taguchi, K. ) ICFEM 2012. LNCS, vol. 7635, pp. 230–248. it Abstract. The paper presents an Abstract State Machine (ASM) specification of the Landing Gear System case study, and shows how the ASMETA framework can be used to support the modeling and analysis (validation and verification) activities for developing a rigorous and correct model in terms of ASMs.

In this model, we have been able to verify the normal mode requirements R31 , R32 , R41 , R42 , and R51 . For example, requirement R31 requires that, when the command line is working (normal mode), the stimulation of the gears outgoing or the retraction electro-valves can only happen when the three doors are locked open. We have verified the following four CTL properties: ag((extendGearsEV or retractGearsEV) implies doors = OPEN) //R31 ag((openDoorsEV or closeDoorsEV) implies (gears = RETRACTED or gears = EXTENDED)) //R32 ag(not(openDoorsEV and closeDoorsEV)) //R41 ag(not(extendGearsEV and retractGearsEV)) //R42 ag((openDoorsEV or closeDoorsEV or extendGearsEV or retractGearsEV) implies generalEV) //R51 46 P.

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