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Shock Of The Old: Technology and Global History since 1900

This primary ever historical past of expertise casts apart the standard tales of innovations and focuses in its place on what humans truly use. It reassesses the connection of know-how and society, utilizing unrecognised examples corresponding to Spanish man made petrol, eastern rickshaws, American fuel chambers, Soviet tractors and Turkish battleships.

The Contribution of Technology to Added Value

There's a large consensus that creation of expertise to the creation method contributes to an total monetary price, despite the fact that, confusion among expertise, wisdom and capital frequently makes worth calculations ambiguous and non-objective. The Contribution of expertise to further price addresses not just this factor of definition but in addition offers a creation version to evaluate the price contribution of expertise in the creation technique.

Power Supplies for LED Drivers

Content material: Preface, web page ixChapter 1 - advent, Pages 1-5Chapter 2 - features of LEDs, Pages 7-15Chapter three - riding LEDs, Pages 17-31Chapter four - Linear strength offers, Pages 33-38Chapter five - Buck-Based LED Drivers, Pages 39-60Chapter 6 - strengthen Converters, Pages 61-98Chapter 7 - Boost-Buck Converter, Pages 99-140Chapter eight - LED Drivers with strength issue Correction, Pages 141-147Chapter nine - Fly-Back Converters, Pages 149-160Chapter 10 - necessities of Switching energy provides, Pages 161-174Chapter eleven - choosing parts for LED Drivers, Pages 175-194Chapter 12 - Magnetic fabrics for Inductors and Transformers, Pages 195-202Chapter thirteen - EMI and EMC concerns, Pages 203-216Chapter 14 - Thermal issues, Pages 217-223Chapter 15 - issues of safety, Pages 225-228Bibliography, web page 229Index, Pages 231-232Author Biography, web page 233

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For: Associazione Italiana di Chimica Tessile e Coloristica, Milano (Italian Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists); → Technical and professional organizations. Aida canvas Coarse yarn, openwork, highly chemically finished woven fabric (cotton, viscose filament), also double weave consisting of 2–3 layers (and often patterned on both sides), in so-called mock leno or shoe canvas weave. Used as ground fabric for embroidery, runners, table cloths etc. A small gap occurs after every 4th longitudinal or transverse end due to counter-construction and relevant denting.

AIIE, abbrev. for: American Institute of Industrial Engineers → Technical and professional organizations. ) abbrev. for: Arbeits-Ist-Minute bei Zeittesten (work clock minute in time testing). AIME, abbrev. for: American Institute of Mechanical Engineers → Technical and professional organizations. AIP, abbrev. for: American Institute of Physics → Technical and professional organizations. Air → Atmospheric air. Air as a textile finishing medium Air is used in textile finishing applications as a substitute for water or in combination with water (air/water mixture): 1.

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