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By Keisuke Tanaka, Yuji Suga

This booklet constitutes the complaints of the tenth overseas Workshop on safeguard, IWSEC 2015, held in Nara, Japan, in August 2015. The 18 complete papers and three brief papers offered during this quantity have been conscientiously reviewed and chosen from fifty eight submissions. They have been prepared in topical sections named: identity-based encryption; elliptic curve cryptography; factoring; symmetric cryptanalysis; provable defense; LWE-based encryption; privacy-preserving and anonymity; safe protocol; structures safeguard; and protection in hardware.

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CRYPTO 2001. LNCS, vol. 2139, pp. 213–229. Springer, Heidelberg (2001) 10. : Space-efficient identity based encryptionwithout pairings. In: 48th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 2007, FOCS 2007, pp. 647–657. IEEE (2007) 11. : Bonsai trees, or how to delegate a lattice basis. J. Cryptol. 25(4), 601–639 (2012) 12. : An identity based encryption scheme based on quadratic residues. In: Honary, B. ) Cryptography and Coding 2001. LNCS, vol. 2260, pp. 360–363. Springer, Heidelberg (2001) 13.

Otherwise, choose Pθ ← Gp1 using g, assign and store it in the corresponding node in the tree. For each θ ∈ Path(ID|k ) choose R3,θ , R3,θ , Rk+1,θ , . . , R output skID|k defined as ,θ $ $ ← Gp3 using X3 and rθ ← Zn . Compute and θ (Pθ (uI00 · · · uIkk h)rθ R3,θ , g rθ R3,θ , urk+1 Rk+1,θ , . . , urθ R ,θ ) θ∈Path(ID|k ) . KeyUp(msk, st0 , RL0 , T ): The state information st0 contains the binary tree BT0 . Compute a set KUNode(BT0 , RL0 , T ). For each θ ∈ KUNode(BT0 , RL0 , T ) recall msk-shade Pθ if it is defined.

S ,θ ← Zn are chosen for each θ. Then since a normal secret key skID|j+1 is represented as r r j+1 θ (Pθ (uI00 · · · uj+1 h)rθ R3,θ , g rθ R3,θ , uj+1 Rj+1,θ , . . , u θ R I ,θ ) θ , the first component of dkID|j+1 ,T is represented as s0,θ +(wj+1 +sj+1,θ )Ij+1 +s0 T j+1 g α T¯zk +aj+1 Ij+1 (uI00 · · · uj+1 h)rθ +rθ +r (u h )t+tθ +t (X3 I R3,θ ) where r , t , s0 ∈ Zn are for re-randomization. As we can see, dkID|j+1 ,T preserves the form with zk := zk + aj+1 Ij+1 and therefore, dkID|j+1 ,T is nominally semifunctional.

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