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T h e former reduce to some extent the bias and day-to-day variation that are inherent in qualitative data. Quantitative data are also suitable for statistical analysis without artificial transformations. 9 1968). Serum samples were studied from 32 healthy m e n and women and 45 patients with various disorders affecting serum lipoproteins. T h e range of values for each major lipoprotein fraction was adequate for determining the correlation b e t w e e n the two methods. In spite of technical difficulties, the results obtained were encouraging.

Endocrine disorders: a hypopituitarism, b. acromegaly, c. Klinefelter's disease, d. myxedema, and e. iatrogenic (estrogen therapy). V. Storage diseases: a. hemochromatosis, b. Nieman-Pick disease, c. Glycogen storage disease (type 6-phosphorylase deficiency), and d. cystinosis. Many immunological techniques are available which can be applied to the detection and quantitation of lipoprotein abnormalities. The two most generally useful methods, those of immunoelectrophoresis and of gel diffusion in Ouchterlony plates will be discussed in detail.

Paper Strips. , Keene, N e w Hampshire) supplied with the Durrum cell or Whatman No. ) are satisfactory, although there may be slight variations in texture among lots. , larger serum aliquots, but pre-β- and ß-lipoproteins are not resolved. 4. Electrophoresis Eight dry paper strips (regardless of the n u m b e r of samples to be run) are n u m b e r e d above the perforation at one end and placed on the folding rack. T h e rack is placed in the cell so that the anodal side of the strips bears the numbers and the origin is gently marked with pencil at the ridgepole.

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