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By Elena Rubei

Algebraic geometry has a sophisticated, tough language. This e-book encompasses a definition, numerous references and the statements of the most theorems (without proofs) for each of the most typical phrases during this topic. a few phrases of similar matters are incorporated. It is helping newbies that comprehend a few, yet no longer all, simple proof of algebraic geometry to stick to seminars and to learn papers. The dictionary shape makes it effortless and quickly to consult.


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2 1 6 ????ℎ(???? ⊕ ????) = ????ℎ(????) + ????ℎ(????), ????ℎ(???? ⊗ ????) = ????ℎ(????)????ℎ(????). Chow’s group. See “Equivalence, algebraic, rational, linear -, Chow, Neron–Severi and Picard groups”. Chow’s theorem. ([93], [103], [196]). , it is the zero locus of a finite number of homogeneous polynomials (see “Varieties and subvarieties, analytic -”, “Varieties, algebraic -, Zariski topology, regular and rational functions, morphisms and rational maps”). ” Class group, divisor -. See “Equivalence, algebraic, rational, linear -, Chow, Neron–Severi and Picard groups”.

Varieties parametrizing geometric objects of a certain kind. It was created to parametrize the possible complex structures on a fixed differentiable manifold. We recall that if ???? : ???? → ???? is a holomorphic surjective map between complex manifolds such that the differential of ???? at every point has maximal rank and the fibres of ???? are compact complex manifolds, then the fibres are diffeomorphic by Ehresmann’s theorem (see [58] or [149, Theorem. 3]), and so ???? parametrizes some complex structures on the same differentiable manifold.

If we fix ???? ∈ ???????????? and ???? ∈ ????(????), the pull-back gives a morphism of functors ????????????(????, ⋅) → ????; obviously its surjectivity, that is the surjectivity of the maps ????????????(????, ????) → ????(????) for ???? ∈ ????????????, corresponds to the completeness of the deformation ???? → ????????????????(????) and the bijectivity to the universality; so the universality is related with representability of the functor ????. Degeneracy locus of a morphism of vector bundles. varieties”. See “Determinantal Degree of an algebraic subset.

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