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By George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.)

From the contents:G.R. Kempf: The addition theorem for summary Theta functions.- L. Brambila: life of sure common extensions.- A. Del Centina, S. Recillas: On a estate of the Kummer sort and a relation among moduli areas of curves.- C. Gomez-Mont: On closed leaves of holomorphic foliations by means of curves (38 pp.).- G.R. Kempf: Fay's trisecant formula.- D. Mond, R. Pelikaan: becoming beliefs and a number of issues of analytic mappings (55 pp.).- F.O. Schreyer: sure Weierstrass issues occurr at so much as soon as on a curve.- R. Smith, H. Tapia-Recillas: The Gauss map on subvarieties of Jacobians of curves with gd2's.

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_) there are associated, in a natural way, the followin c isomor~hisms of vector s~aces: [ H ° ( X , ~ X) • H ° ( X , ~ x ® v) H°(X, 2~) ~ 'IH°(X',2X ,) • H°(X',2X, @ ~ ' ) H°(X,~x ) ~ H°(E,~ E) • H°(E,U) H°(X',2X ,) ~ H°(E,~ E) • H°(E,U ® n) H°(E,2~) ~ H°(E,2 E) Moreover we have that H°(X ',2X,) H°(X,2~) (which intersect in is the sum of H°(X,2 x) and H°(E,2~)) . From the above we can then deduce the following diagram of embeddings of linear subspaces of [2~I*: i~xl* ~ I~l* J I~x, It ~']* ® follows ~ [~x,]* d = lul* ~ [e*U]* ~ f r o m [DC] 2 t h a t : I~ x ® ~1" = lU ® The c a n o n i c a l S normal curve which is the embedding of 0~(e*U).

Follows Since [Re] 2 . f r e m the p r o o f p = I o p, then of the t h e o - also p is bi- rational, a So eh R4 we e x F e c t that of w h e t h e r R3 We this gives this a rather is r a t i o n a l also observe a large All part explicit description model hel~ of R3 and for the o u e s t i o n or not. lowin~ the maps d e f i n e d above p' are rich of g e o m e t r y and to is d e v o t e d . 2 \ R3 " - - - - ~, ~ R1 where the h o r i z o n t a l maps are fibers, and ~I ' (Z',~') studied ~i ' ~2 ' diagram observes commutes.

A2 - a a2 - a I _Xl iy2 XI ....... (Yl) 2 Yl Y2 a2 - al - 1 ~-- (a2 - a I)X i . 0 . 0 0 Yk+1 _ Xak+l - a I - 1 YI - (ak+l al) i ~ + I -el - XI Yk+l (y1) 2 S -1 ~l~X0 . " Y1 - - / So P,/ x~+l0 ~/~X0 /~/~Xl ~ S-I P, t-iS al t- i S a k y and so we need sections which will make our of L(I,0) + L ( I , 0 ) + L ( - a I , l ) +. +Uk+l~/~Yk+ I) E* x ~* Finally our welghted generate 0--+ Q the kernel L(0:0) H*(P(E) : L(a:b)) H°(PI ; ~ , (a) x field and Euler vector field will inducing: --+ Q Ill. THE COHOMOLOGY Euler vector invariant.

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