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By Dr. George Pollock (auth.), George Pollock (eds.)

This publication makes an attempt to set communicable ailments and the efforts to regulate them in a social and ancient context. the first concentration is on England with its specific historical past, tradition and traditions. The timescale coated is large and bold, and the various strands that got here jointly within the 19th century to shape the English public health and wellbeing carrier are truly highlighted. but the major emphasis of the narrative is on advancements from the second one international conflict onwards, in a few of which the writer has had a level of private involvement as a schoolchild, scientific scholar, health facility physician, military health professional and public well-being physician.

The paintings as an entire finds the persisting nature of communicable illnesses all through heritage and strongly argues that, even supposing the suitable value of person infections may well range over the years, man’s fight opposed to the microbiological international can by no means be cozy. How England has been affected is defined intimately and proof is recommend to signify that complacency (or at the least misjudgement) about the ever-present dangers of rising and re-emerging infections, led unwisely to the dismantling in 1974 of its proven preparations for his or her keep watch over, besides the following want, usually repeated, to create new buildings for this goal.

This publication will allure strongly to all scholars and practitioners of public wellbeing and fitness besides these attracted to English social history.

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The fact that the recorded data concerned only deaths did, of course, represent a significant limitation of its value, but he had nevertheless been able to comment on patterns of disease in a particular community, relating these to place, time and other circumstance—in other words the essence of the epidemiological approach, which still applies in the twenty-first century. 1 However nearly 200 years was to pass before Dr John Snow skillfully demonstrated the practical application of the epidemiological method in elucidating the means of spread of cholera in London, as is described below.

At “district” level); 2. e. one relating to a community rather than to separate individuals) should play a key role; 3. that this medical practitioner should possess special qualifications relating to the field of work; 4. that he should have formal accountability to his local community; and 5. that the execution of his duties should have the backing of the law. Thus, as stated by Chave (1984), the idea of the Medical Officer of Health was first conceived. The first English Public Health Act was passed in 1848, replacing the Poor Law Commission with a new General Board of Health, and permitting but not requiring local authorities to appoint a Surveyor, an Inspector of Nuisances and a Medical Officer of Health, and giving powers to undertake work including sewerage and water supply systems.

Its progress along the great channels of that intercourse and the very numerous instances both in this country and abroad in which cholera dates its commencement in a town or village previously free from it to the arrival and illness of a person coming from a place in which the disease was prevalent seem to leave no room for doubting its communicability (Snow 1849). He accepted, however, that this view was disputed by some but he dismissed such arguments on the general philosophical principle that belief based on lack of evidence should not override evidence of a positive kind.

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