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Translated from French.
Reprint. initially released: London : Allen & Unwin, 1969.

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Do you feel safe from death?! "Amidst gardens of fountains": shall you stay here?! think about those who preceded you, they died and became under the earth. "… cornfields and palm-trees laden with edible fruit…": their fruits are consistent and suspended in the air. "edible fruit": can be easily digested. Is it only to be eaten?! "Hewing your dwellings in the mountains…": you cut out blocks from them for building huge, well arranged and neat palaces. ": comfortable and pleasant life! ). 1 God says: "and to the Thamoud We sent their brother Sa'leh.

Should he not THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ascertain to himself God's existence and attain the truth through contemplating His universal Graces? Who feeds him? Who supplies him with water? Who restores him when he is sick? Our Master Hud (cpth) said to his people the same saying of our Master Noah and of all the messengers (cpth) before and after him. He (cpth) said to them: "…worship Al'lah, you have no God except Him…". This noble messenger revealed to them that: the steering of this universe is belonging to Al'lah, Glory to Him, and that there is no being but it belongs to Him and moves by His leave.

Page 63 Folk of our Master Sho'aib (pth) Folk of our Master Sho'aib communication with God and peace are through him People of Midian Out of God's sympathy toward us is to give examples for lesson and exhortation so that a disobedient may repent, and a wrongdoer may cease committing crimes, then corruption may vanish from the land and people may live, by that, enjoying real happiness with no disturbance. Here, He sets another example for us about the reasons of destroying the nations: It is people of Midian.

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