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The current advent bargains with the metrical and to a slighter quantity with the projective element. a 3rd element, which has attracted a lot realization lately, from its program to relativity, is the differential point. this can be altogether excluded from the current booklet. during this e-book an entire systematic treatise has no longer been tried yet have quite chosen yes consultant issues which not just illustrate the extensions of theorems of hree-dimensional geometry, yet demonstrate effects that are unforeseen and the place analogy will be a faithless consultant. the 1st 4 chapters clarify the elemental principles of occurrence, parallelism, perpendicularity, and angles among linear areas. Chapters V and VI are analytical, the previous projective, the latter principally metrical. within the former are given many of the least difficult rules with regards to algebraic types, and a extra specified account of quadrics, particularly with regards to their linear areas. the rest chapters care for polytopes, and include, particularly in bankruptcy IX, many of the effortless principles in research situs. bankruptcy VIII treats hyperspatial figures, and the ultimate bankruptcy establishes the general polytopes.

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De a etant demontre, nous sommes amenes 1) Lorsque et M. N Ox l'application ~x Ox et ~x. Le lemme distinguer trois cas: sont premiers entre eux, est un isomorphisme; dans ce cas, x est un point non singulier si et seulement si les classes de engendrent un sous-espace vectoriel de rang trois V O 'V 1 'V 2 de Remarquons que dans ce cas la decomposition ~/~2. 1) que ce sous- SR. espace est de rang trois si et seulement s'il de plan n'existe pas dont la multiplicite d'intersection avec IT en C est;.

Vol XIV, 1964. [5] L. Szpiro. Travaux de Kempf, Kleiman, Laksov sur les diviseurs exceptionnels. Semina ire Bourbaki. Juin 1972, expo no 417. [6] L. Szpiro. Equations defining space curves. Tata Institute. R. O. Box 1053, Blindern, OSLO 3 NORVEGE SECTION PLANE D'UNE COURBE GAUCHE: POSTULATION par Laurent GRUSON et Christian PESKINE Dans cette note, on voit qu'une simple transcription de la demonstration, fournie par Barth ([1]), du theoreme de stabilite de Grauert-Mulich demontre Ie resultat suivant: Lemme (Laudal): Soit C une courbe integre de degre p 3 (1}, non contenue dans une surface de degre Si la section plane genera Ie de une courbe plane de degre Soient p F M, nous noterons C p3 V p3 V p3.

The correct analogue of pluricanonical mappings in the case of reducible curves with singularities is obtained replacing the sheaf n~ of I-forms by the dualizing sheaf wX ; in order that sections of this sheaf, or tensor powers of it, define a map to some projective space, one has to assume that Wx be an invertible sheaf (cf. [8], lecture 5). Notice that Gorenstein. We call the mapping associated to the linear system Iwx llln I the n th Wx is invertible i f and only i f pluricanonical mapping of X is X.

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