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Longsal Teachings: Volume 8

This 8 quantity of Teachings from the Longsal cycle comprises Upadeshas and directions acquired via goals over a time period from 1959 to 2007.
It contains:
"The most crucial aspect of the Lama Gongdü"
"The Upadesha of the full behaviour of the equivalent state"
"The outer, internal, and mystery practices of the Guru knowledge Dakini"
"The Dream of the Mandarava Cave"

This PDF was once scanned and shared initially by means of Yuchen Namkhai with all of the love in her center.

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Bloomsbury [England] Nonesuch, 1937-1938. - 23 v. : ill. ; 26 cm. The Nonesuch Dickens. Retrospectus and prospectus. - 1937. 130 p. , facsims. - Contains facsim. pages from previous eds. of The Pickwick papers. 10. 10A. , a sound recording and a printed text). 10B. 7Bll). 47 slides : col. ; 5 X 5 cm. 3 v. : ill. ; 30 cm. Note: Sound disc (12 min. in pocket at end of v. 3 AACR2 Revision 2002 + 1 sound cassette analog, 45 rpm, mono. lOC. If an item has no predominant component, apply the following in addition to other relevant rules in this chapter and in the appropriate following chapters.

The art of the Fuge = L'art de Johann Sebastian Clavecin / Georg fugue [sound recording] = Die Kunst der la fugue: BMV 1080 (Contrapunctus 1-9) / Bach. IC3. , in the case of a map on a slide, give the designation appropriate to the slide). IC4. 1OCI). ID. IDI. Transcribe parallel titles in the order indicated by their sequence on, or by the layout of, the chief source of information. lD2. OD2), give the first parallel title. Give any subsequent parallel title that is in English. Wood Cree = Les Cris des [GMD] fon~ts Einftihrung in die Blutmorphologie the morphology of blood [GMD] Introduction to Strassenkarte der Schweiz [GMD] = Carte routiere de la Suisse = Road map of Switzerland If, in preparing a second-level description, all of the following conditions apply: a) the title proper is in a nonroman script b) the first parallel title recorded in accordance with the instructions in the preceding paragraph is in a nonroman script c) no title is in English give as the second parallel title the one that is (in order of preference) in French, German, Spanish, Latin, any other roman alphabet language.

This technique may be necessary for printed works, the title pages of which are lost; collections of pamphlets or other minor material assembled by the library or by a previous owner and that are to be catalogued as a single item; nonprocessed sound recordings, etc. In all such cases give in a note the reason for and/or source of the supplied data. OB. OBI. The description is divided into the following areas: Title and statement of responsibility Edition Material (or type of publication) specific details Publication, distribution, etc.

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