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The encyclopedia provides major awareness to animal ecology and behaviour. Entries convey how animals are a part of the realm atmosphere whereas showing distinct behaviors inside of their very own specific environments. Animal ecology addresses how animals are part of ecosystems and the way they have interaction with vegetation and different animals, either inside of and past their person species. Given the shut courting of animal habit and ecology, a few entries talk about how animals choose buddies, whether or not they reside by myself or as contributors of teams, or how they proportion assets inside an atmosphere, to offer quite a few examples.

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Mutations such as this allow geneticists to narrow down the chromosomal location of the gene or genes responsible for a particular phenotype, such as eye color. Since then thousands of other mutations in Drosophila have been identified and mapped, including mutations that alter behavior and learning. At the genetic level, more is known about Drosophila than any other multicellular organism. Furthermore, much of our knowledge of Drosophila is relevant to humans. For example, genetic mutations causing tumors in flies have homologues in other animals.

Other regions may be used for food storage or for preparing the food for chemical digestion by physically grinding it into smaller pieces, which exposes more surface area to the action of digestive enzymes. These specialized regions eventually evolved into organs as parts of a complex digestive organ system. However, because nutrient dispersal, by the digestive system itself to all cells of the body, was no longer feasible with such a specialized digestive system (and animals became larger and bulkier) a separate cardiovascular system evolved to serve that function.

By the end of the Triassic 213 million years ago), there were two groups of thecodonts, the saurischians and the ornithischians. The saurischians ate both plants and meat. Their pelvis was distinctive in that the three bones that made up the hip—the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis—were joined so that they angled away from each other in a triangular shape. There were two distinct groups of saurischians, the theropods (“beast feet”) and the sauropods. The theropods were carnivorous dinosaurs that walked upright on two feet.

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