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By Tadeusz Korzybski

Antibiotics: foundation, Nature and houses, quantity I is a scientific insurance of the resources, forms, and houses of the antibiotics. This publication is prepared into major elements encompassing thirteen chapters.
This publication considers the antibiotics in keeping with their resources. It describes the antibiotics produced through micro organism, Actinomycetes,Fungi imperfecti, Basidiomycetes, algae, lichens and eco-friendly vegetation, and people from animal resources. This staff of antibiotics comprises, streptomycin, the tetracyclines, chloromycetin, the macrolide relatives of compounds of which erythromycin, magnamycin and spiramycin are participants, and the antifungal polyene compounds. The individuals of every workforce are prepared in accordance with their chemical and organic similarity. Sections on every one antibiotic current entire details, together with the identify, description of the manufacturing traces, composition of the media, tools of tradition, isolation and purification of the antibiotic precept, its actual and chemical houses, antibiotic spectrum, toxicity for laboratory animals, result of therapy of experimental infections, and attainable medical functions.
This booklet is of worth to researchers and employees in numerous scientific fields.

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Diseases, S A ND Chromo­ 1 9 4 5 , 76, 4 7 . V. F . : T h e antibiotic activity of violacein, p r o d i g i o s i n and 1 9 4 6 , 52, 1 4 5 . Appl. BioL, 1942, N . : T o x i c effects of certain bacterial metabolic p r o d u c t s on soil protozoa. Nature, 1942, 168. F . M . : Isolation of violacein. Science, T R O N G B. 18. B. S I N GH V A N D. N . : Selection of bacterial food b y soil flagellates a n d a m o e b a e . Ann. B. S I N GH and violaceum. H. C. L I C H S T E NI S H AW 1958, 2 3 2 .

It is not dialysable. Its activity disappears under the action of trypsin and is diminished by α-amylase. Mycobactocidin is probably a glucoprotein. In white mice injections of 100 mg of mycobactocidin per kg body weight were not observed to produce any toxic symptoms. Fifteen subcutaneous injec­ tions of 100 mg per kg body weight each during 30 days did not appear to give rise to any toxic symptoms or visceral lesions in the animals. An antagonistic action of staphylococci on other species of micro-organisms has been observed in the past century (Doehle, L o d e , cited according to Florey).

REFERENCES S C H M ID O. D . : D o e s diplomycin have bacteriostatic or bactericidal activity t o w a r d tuberculosis} 1952, 46, V I K I NG A n experimental s t u d y on a n i m a l s . Z. Ges. Inn. , B . : A n e w antibiotic. A p r e l i m i n a r y report. Ugesk. for. , 11312e. 1443, Excerpta W O L F Mycobacterium 1952, 7, 380; Chem. , Tuberkulosearzt, Laeger, Copenhagen, 1949, 111 S e c . Π . 1950, 3, N o . 6, ref. 3 4 7 1 . 1951, 5, 9 1 . MYCOBACTOCIDIN In 1962 Fregnan and Smith described mycobactocidin, an antibiotic produced by a strain of staphylococci, and identified by the authors as Staphylococcus epidermidis.

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